California State Fair...It's the Best!

Steve and I had never been to the California State Fair so when we saw who was performing on the last day, Loverboy, we decided to embark on a brief Sacramento Sojourn and another first. And I have to tell you that it was 102°.

We began at the Counties Exhibit, learning about some of the 58 counties that are in our State.
A Fair isn't complete without seeing award-winning baked goods...
Or cookware demonstrations that make you want to buy pans to cook award-winning baked goods.
I finally got to meet author Jackie Boor who wrote LOGAN: The Honorable Life and Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman. Ms. Boor is the great granddaughter of this historic sheriff and has unearthed the untold story of his 1906 murder. I had arranged for her to present at our library. I was unable to be there that day so this meeting was a year in the making. What a neat lady and a great opportunity.
Oh man, I love photo opportunities and the Fair was full of them.

Vintage cars followed by horse racing. Where else can you have such a diverse day?!

It wouldn't be the Fair without some "farm stuff".

Nor would it be a Fair without some animals. And Llamas getting a shower are adorable.

We saw several shows. The Acrobats of Hebei China were incredibly entertaining.
What you may not be able to see in this photo is that this performer has just kicked a stack of bowls up into the air. He then caught them, stacked neatly, on the top of his head. This was a "you have to see it to believe it" kind of feat.
The Freestyle Motocross show blew us away. I could hardly watch. We were thoroughly impressed.
We met up with Jan and Chris for a bit before we each separated to go to our desired shows.
Part of the fun of the Fair is its famous infamous food. While we didn't eat any of the 'bad stuff', it was certainly interesting to watch others indulge.

Okay, the real reason we were here was to see Loverboy. This was one of my most favorite bands while in college. It is a Canadian rock group, formed in 1979. Their hit singles, particularly Turn Me Loose and Working for the Weekend, have become arena rock staples and were my get ready for the night anthems. Oh man, the memories!

The concert was an incredible flashback and a great end to an extraordinary day.

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Karen Booth said...

WOW - you guys had a full, hot day and I'm sure you slept very well that night. You really did "work for the weekend". Love the photo of the "Best Behaved Kids".

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