Water Falls & Western Music...

It was time for the 'kids' to head back to the Bay Area but I suggested we do an early morning outing before they left. After a sumptuous breakfast at our favorite diner, Bert's, we ventured to Modjeska Falls (also known as Glen Alpine Falls), a place T had not been to yet.

This gives you an idea of how majestic these falls are.

I just had to take this photo of the engaged couple. This brief pause was a perfect send off for their newly defined life.
Evening found us in the cool little town of Genoa (1851), the first settlement in what became the Nevada Territory.
Margaret and Lee met us here for the town's once a month Concert on the Green, which occurs in the City Park.

The Sagebrush Rebels were awesome and played many of our favorite songs.
This was small town awesomeness exemplified!
Summertime is just cool, no matter where you pass the time. Exploring waterfalls and dancing in the park... it just doesn't get much better than this!

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Karen Booth said...

I love that we have a personal connection to these spots. You two were rocking the cowboy hats! But for me, Genoa will always remind me of drinking wine at 10:20am!

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