Music in the Castle: Vikingsholm

Whenever we can be in Emerald Bay in the evening, after the tourists have gone, we jump at the chance. When it's for a fundraiser for our favorite Castle, we are extra eager to be there.

And when our friends, Jan and Chris, volunteer too- bonus!
Cross-string harp & guitar player John Metros, concert pianist Paul DeSilva, Dr. David Nelson on the violin & guitar, and classical vocalist Noreen Valdes, created and performed a very special Scandinavian themed concert within Vikingsholm. It was pretty magical.
A wine and hors d'oeuvres reception followed, hosted in the picturesque courtyard.
After all the guests departed and our jobs were done, we had the opportunity to hang out with the musicians and delight in the quiet. The evening really should be called "Magic in the Castle".

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