Tahoe Art League's Studio Tour...

Each year, I try to visit as many studios as I can on this extraordinary self-guided art tour. Numerous studios are open to the public with either the individual artists or artist collectives showcasing their work and working spaces. For six days, over two weekends, we are offered a unique glimpse into why Lake Tahoe is such a creative and artistic haven.

Unfortunately, I could only visit one studio but it was a collective consisting of six amazingly talented women so I felt pretty content with my decision.
I chose this specific studio because it is home to my friend, Cyndy Brown's, amazing boxes.
According to her website,  
I work with a variety of mediums, including architectural and polymer clays, resins, and various paints. Each tile is made with meticulous detail, sometimes with built-up layers for added dimension. The mosaic boxes are then grouted with beads, metal chains, and semi-precious stones.  My series of "Byzantine Boxes" host various compartments along with collages and paintings. At a time where war, politics and the economy are taking a toll on us, it is my intention to divert us from a world that is much too serious to a different place where imaginations can play.
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.
~Thomas Merton

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