The Great Donut 5K Run...

Our next stop was Fullerton to visit with my college friend, Julie. Julie is a runner and suggested something fun for us to do today- A Donut Run in my old stomping grounds of Irvine.

Julie doesn't normally dress up for races but this was described as There's no need to speed through the course when there's donuts to be enjoyed!  Leave your cares behind and enjoy this run for the sheer fun of it.  This is a non competitive event with no timing or clock.  Prizes and awards will be given for best costumes and most entertaining eaters. In addition, I'll dress up for about anything. I'm happy she was up for it. It really made it much more fun!
And photo opportunities were plentiful, which added to the merriment!

There were clever donut sayings everywhere. I think my favorite was, "Whatever sprinkles your donuts!"

There were over 1700 other enthusiasts. Yeaaah Baby!  That’s Right Donut Lovers, EVERYONE gets DONUTS and we're not talkin 'bout ordinary store bought kind.... We're talkin delicious, mouth watering, shut the front door.....Donuts!

We spent a great deal of the race trying to figure out what happened to the "T". Funny picture spot for certain!
Donut holes were our mid-way treat. Run, eat, repeat or Walk eat and eat!  Any combo will do!
My runner friend, Keri, texted, "The only run where people gain weight during it... that should be their motto!"
It was silly, fun, and unforgettable. It got us up and out early on a Sunday morning. We laughed and really enjoyed the event...and we have an awesome medal to prove it!

 “Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
– Tennessee Williams

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Call me old-fashioned, but I donut approve of your lack of constant donut puns.
It seems like a very ironic run. I donut know why they just didn't just call it that...
You get the idea...or are there holes in my logic?
I better stop before they put me behind a bar.
Too much? Are you glazed now?

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Now that is a perfect kind of event! What fun that was I a sure! Good times!

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