Knott's Berry Farm For Chicken...

Feeling nostalgic for childhood memories, we headed to Buena Park for lunch.

Since 1934, people have been dining on chicken at Mrs. Knott's Place. I found some pretty thorough history here. In the 1920s, Walter Knott and his wife, Cordelia, sold berries, berry preserves and pies from a roadside stand beside State Route 39, near the small town of Buena Park. In 1934, to make ends meet, Cordelia reluctantly began serving fried chicken dinners on their wedding china. For dessert, Knott's signature Boysenberry Pie was also served to guests dining in the small tea room. From humble beginnings...
Being not a fan of fried chicken, we dined on scrumptious biscuits and a decadent chicken pot pie. Delicious... all of it.

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Cyndy Brown said...

Yum! Never time we're down that way we'll have to stop by for a bite.

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Never been there either! That looks super yummy!

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