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Wanting to get out in Tahoe, we joined Bob and Jenny for a visit to Eagle Lake... a first for Steve and me.

Leading into the heart of Desolation Wilderness (permit required), the 2 mile round trip moderate Eagle Lake trail offers forest, lake and far reaching views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra high country. This trail climbs gently at first, then ascending a steep set of stone steps. Climb the stairs about 5 minutes to the falls and the short loop trail. Cross the high bridge and enjoy the vista back down the canyon to Emerald Bay.  To continue on to Eagle Lake, follow the trail gradually uphill another half mile or so until you reach a fork.  The right hand trail leads to the lake, resting in a glacial cirque below North Maggies Peak. Trail can be crowded but offers a great workout and good places to picnic near Eagle Lake on big boulders.
We delighted in the sights we saw along the trail. Wild flowers were abundant, if you looked really hard for them.

This was this year's first Snow Plant sighting... what a treat!  They are parasites on fungi but they don't kill the fungi. I do love discovering the vibrant color amongst the pines.

We delighted in discovering the Hoary Comma (Polygonia gracilis) butterfly. What a trip when its wings are folded and looking like a dead leaf. So cool. 

And how spectacular is the Wilson's Warbler? These beautiful birds dance around willow and alder thickets, often near water, to the rapid beat of their chattering song. This bright yellow warbler, with a black cap, is one of the smallest warblers in the U.S. and among the most recognizable. They rarely slow down, dashing between shrubs, grabbing insects from one leaf after another, and popping up on low perches to sing. 
And here we are at Eagle Lake... it was breathtakingly beautiful. We so ♥ Tahoe!

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