AleWorx Works!

There's a new hip beer place in town, that is really so much more than that. Recently opened and owned by a local boy done good, it's a fun place to just 'be'.

And it is a very unique (and dangerous) system of dispensing one's own beer and wine. When entering, every drinker is issued a wristband.
You then go, read each of the many choices and pick and pour away, all with the activation of your pre-charged controller (no more than 32 oz before having to reload- a good way to have your drunkenness monitored by the AleWorx's helpful staff).
I have to admit that I found the wine to be a bit expensive, for my pocketbook. At $1.39 an ounce, it added up way too quickly. But it was worth the experience. Next time, I would chose to order a bottle, which is very reasonable. I appreciated having choices!
We had an exceptional pesto pizza that came out of this beautiful woodfired pizza oven. 
I loved AleWorx's summation on their website, "We are all Tahoe lovers who thoroughly enjoy the daily adventure and endless opportunity to harness that inner drive to get outside and explore a new corner of our backyard. Craft beer lovers share many of the same qualities as Tahoe lovers."  Sitting in the outside space with friends, envisioning warm summer nights with live music, we have plans to be here often. We have found a new corner to hang out.

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Cyndy Brown said...

Sounds interesting how they let you pour your own. I'll have to stop by and give it a try.

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

I predict that AleWorx will be VERY successful in Tahoe. :)
Barrel Republic (with the same service) is...
The wine is expensive, but fun once in awhile...

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