Mail Art @ Bona Fide Books

This is my favorite way to spend the 2nd Monday of the month.

This was the review I sent to Karen, who couldn't be there.
I had a great time at Mail Art and I was so happy I went. Janet, Paula, Kim, Lynn and Marilyn (two people I didn't know) made a nice, easy group. I was given a small box of books, for my Little Free Library, and in it was a small, cool, map/atlas book of Swiss towns. It was too little for a real envelope so I made a template from cards I had, and created little inserts to stuff in other letters. So dang cute! Everyone loved the size and made their own templates.
Lynn, a birder, had an amazing collection of Audubon calendars that were huge so she crafted a large envelope that was spectacular. Janet copied that template and took one of the large bird images and made a sweet card. They will be pricey to mail but they were stunning. It was simple fun, being creative with friends.

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