Napa in Three Parts: 3. People & Places

This Wine Country 'weekend' was one of just relaxing and wonderful camaraderie. It was just what we wanted.

Len and Cyndy's home is nestled in the hills of Angwin, a town of contradictions. Named in 1874 for Edwin Angwin who ran a resort on the land the town now occupies, it has been home to a large number of Seventh-day Adventists, since 1909. Although many of the residents refrain from drinking alcohol because of religious beliefs, the area is becoming a popular area for winemakers to plant vineyards and build wineries (and for guests to drink wine).
And their home, La Maison du Coucou (the house of the cuckoo), is spectacular... cozy and elegant, all at the same time.
Over the course of our stay, there were frequent visits to the very well supplied wine cellar.

 This photo was titled "Decisions, Decisions".

Hours of eating, drinking, laughing, discussing, and some dancing, passed in their tranquil backyard. Being elevated over the lush gardens, we felt we were in a treehouse. So perfect.

We belatedly celebrated Len's birthday and played games. Fun right?
Okay, so we left our little slice of heaven a couple times. Once was to look for wildflowers at the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park. This park is the site of a water-powered grist mill that was built in 1846. It was once the center of social activity as Napa Valley settlers gathered to have their corn and wheat ground into meal or flour. The owner of the mill was Dr. Edward Turner Bale. He received the property in a land grant from the Mexican government and lived near the site until his death in 1849. The mill remained in use until the early 1900s. It is now the home to some pretty spectacular foliage.
On the way into town, on a shopping errand, we spotted this adorable Little Free Library. The owner was out and we had a delightful chat. She shared all her fun library stories. What a sweet discovery.
And while Len & Cyndy have an amazing guest cottage that we were offered, Steve wanted to camp in Napa in his Arctic Fox. This was our fabulous campsite.

For three days, we were in the company of great friends and exceptional hospitality. Unforgettable memories!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for documenting our few days always, Denise, you do a wonderful job. The picture of us at the free library...hum...I look so small as if I had just come out of the mushroom...funny!

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