What Do You Do All Day Denise?

What an excellent question especially since I've been in exile due to the COLD (illness and weather). The one thing I don't do is get bored. I don't think I've been bored since I was 10 years old. So here's just a small sampling of a day in the life.

1. I shovel. I have to keep up with the snow and when it got too much, I had to pay a nice guy driving by to plow it.

2. I organize. This is my Rubber Stamp Collection. I went through 140+ stamps and organized them by genre. This is what happens when one has way too much time on one's hands!
3. I transfer. I put all my important dates into my 2017/2018 Calendar. This may not seem like a huge deal but I celebrate A LOT. It takes quite a bit of time and it has to be done.

4. I read. Since Tuesday evening, I have completed three very diverse books and I'm half way through my fourth.
This is the first I've read by this prolific author. The Boston Globe said about her, "Elizabeth Berg's gift as a storyteller lies most profoundly in her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the remarkable in the everyday." This wasn't my favorite book of the four because the theme of divorce was rather depressing, but I will give Ms. Berg another shot. 
I loved this book even thought I have to admit I have never read Jane Austen. It doesn't matter. This is such a great depiction of life in the 18th century England.
This is the second book I've read by Josh Bazell. What a hoot. It certainly has a little bit of everything in it: intrigue, romance, murders, the Mafia and lake monsters. What more could someone want in a novel?
This non-fiction tome is totally engrossing. Donna Seaman's review will help you understand my love of this book, "Author Simon Garfield champions the infinitely expressive and influential tradition of letter writing. For centuries, Garfield observes, letters have been “the lubricant of human interaction and the free fall of ideas,” and he presents many provocative examples, from letters written by the Romans in Britain two thousand years ago, establishing the conventions of “greetings and farewells,” to the correspondence of Cicero, Madame de Sévigné, Virginia Woolf, and Jack Kerouac. Garfield covers the evolution of various postal services, tells curious tales about how letters end up in auction houses and libraries, contrasts letters and e-mails (a “hybrid between a letter and a phone call”), and ponders the challenges of maintaining digital archives. Threaded throughout is a suspenseful British WWII epistolary love story... Garfield’s robust and propulsive engagement with letters as an essential embodiment of the human spirit and a driving cultural force makes for exciting reading and thoughtful speculation about the future of scholarship and communication." This book is so up my alley.
5. I baked. This isn't a continuous thing but my new motto is, "When life gives you disgustingly ripe bananas, make Banana Nut Bread."
6. I embrace. I find the weather exhilarating. I look outside, from the comfort of in front of my fireplace, and delight in it all. While I'm bummed Steve is in Southern California on business missing the fun, I'm staying out of trouble (for the most part) and remembering why we moved to the Sierras in the first place. I ♥ Tahoe unconditionally! 

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Well that is some day! Honestly it looks like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a day! You look happy!

Have fun on your trip to see the kids!
Love and miss you!
ATL bound this morning

Karen Booth said...

I do have to mention that you are probably the only friend I have that already has a 2018 calendar and has plans to put in it :) Impressive!

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