Smart & Final Extra! Grand Opening...

Casey, Bill and I left in the dark to be one of the first shoppers to our new Smart & Final Extra! Store.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, where the Company began over 145 years ago, Smart & Final Stores, Inc. operates more than 300 grocery and foodservice stores. Throughout its evolution, it has remained committed to adapting to the changing needs of the neighborhoods it serves, most notably through its 2008 introduction of Smart & Final Extra! stores. Uniquely positioned to offer time- and money-savings for both household and business customers, these include expanded fresh and frozen products, organic and natural products, bulk foods, oven-roasted chicken and many other items sold in convenient sizes.

I could not have picked better people to go with than Casey and Bill. They both are grocers and really know their stuff. We meandered up and down all the aisle and these guys were oohing and aahing the entire time. They were also in the know about pricing, which I loved. And we were given Don Francisco's coffee while we waited for the doors to open. I loved that, too.

The store, located in the old Staples building, was laid out well and had something for everyone. It even had 50 pound bags of popcorn. Crazy.
I loved the velvet ropes indicating check out.
Who knew getting up in the dark to go grocery shopping would be so much fun? I guess we did! This will be a store we will return to and now were ready for the next round of storms arriving tonight. Thankfully, Steve is now home and I can pass my snowblowing duties on to him. It's a very good day in Tahoe.

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