Operation Sierra Storm Meteorologist Conference

I was asked to attend this event by the Lake Tahoe News to photograph the speakers. I was happy to since I've been a few times and always leave with a great hope for our planet.

• A Leading National Weather Conference
• A cutting-edge meteorological forum and seminar for network television meteorologist from around that country
• Featuring leading scientists and experts discussing newsworthy topics, trends for today and the future
• A combination of on-going education, networking opportunities and live-broadcasts make OSS an industry leader
While I was there, merely to take photos, I was also interested in what each of today's speakers had to say. Dr. Richard Somerville, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, was the first presenter- the Scientist of Climate Change. His resumé is impressive. He stated many facts in support of the proof of human caused Global Warming. "We have our hand on the thermostat controlling the climate for the future." I thought that was a pretty powerful image.
He also diplomatically shared the fears that many Climate Scientists (or Planetary Physicians as he likes to call himself) have about our President-Elect and his stance on Global Warming. Here's where the HOPE comes in, for me. He also shared a list of things to be optimistic about. I like optimism.

The second speaker was Sen. Kevin de León, California Senate President Pro Tempore, a man who is setting a bold agenda and to combat climate change while building a new, low-carbon economy with opportunities for all Californians. He was definitely the Politician component of this Global Warming Conference. He, too, stressed his fears and said, "The biggest danger to our state is the incoming Head of State". That said, it was pointed out that many States act for the environment independently, and California has lead many with great solutions and through delinking Carbon from the GDP, he states that "Clean energies are out competing Dirty energies on prices without subsidies." At least he made me hopeful since I live in California and California is being AWESOME.
I did mention that I am not a reporter, right? That's Susan Wood's job to make sense of all we heard today.
And this is just a glimpse of what everyone at Operation Sierra Storm is hoping to save.

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