A Scenic Tahoe Between Storms...

Talking about storms here is getting rather repetitive. Steve and I walked to our favorite spot for lunch, Sprouts, between the weather phenomenon called "Winter".

The berm to Steve's right is what the entire place would be covered in had we not stayed on top of things with the snowblower. Yikes.
Every street in our neighborhood is lined with huge piles of snow making all the two lane streets so narrow, only one car can go through at a time. There simply isn't anywhere to put all the snow.

Believe it or not, through those trees is the Lake.

What a beautiful place to remember how amazing Lake Tahoe is.

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Jennifer Sweatt said...

Wow. How do cars pass each other? They should become one-way streets!
Love your photos. More after the next wallop please!

Karen Booth said...

I agree with Jenny's WOW! That post really showed how much snow has piled up. Impressive, especially since more is coming.

Mike Guerra said...

Great pictures, good luck with the next round...

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