Crazy Snow Day #2: Not as Much Fun

When I awoke this morning I felt that I was a master at snowblowing (I did it 4 or 5 times yesterday, piece of cake). Every muscle hurt. Did you know that there is a muscle in the valley between your thumb and index finger? There is and mine hurt. But I was ready for the new day of tackling the new snow.

Overnight, we got another dumping of snow, this time a wetter, heavier consistency. In architecture schools they call our special snow Sierra Cement.
There was no way I was going to get our snowblower through it all. I broke down... defeated.

I addition, at 1 AM the City's snowplows finally went by and bermed me in even further.
While I feel I lost my Mountain Woman status (they don't cry), there was some goodness in the day- blue sky, breathtaking scenery and my neighbor Brian.
Awesome Brian is why am so happy sharing this with you. After work, he came armed with his Ferrari of snowblowers and dug me out. Now, I can handle whatever comes next, I say gleefully before tonight's storm.
As of this morning, the 24 hour snowfall totals had the ski resorts reporting 3-4+ feet, and there was 2-3 feet at lake level (where we live). January has totals of 100-200 inches already and it's only Day #11! And it's not over yet. It promises to be cold and snowy tomorrow as one storm exits and another moves through.  We could see an additional 5-10 inches at lake level and 10-15 inches on the mountains by Thursday evening.

While I am finding our weather exhilarating and at times, challenging, I think I've shared enough of this particular storm. Tomorrow, I'm going to go out in it all for more than just removing snow.
My girlfriend, Mary Jo, went out in it all and was rewarded with this amazing photo of Lake Tahoe with icebergs. What a spectacular place!

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Karen Booth said...

Well, spectacular is one word for it. I can think of a few different ones :)

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