GOT Serious Snow...

The accumulation of snow has reached a point that a flat roofed building in town collapsed over night. Why anyone would build a non-peaked roof in the Sierras baffles even me, but prior to 1970, that was a thing here. Here's a great article of what is happening in Tahoe Today!

Steve is standing at our dining room slider. Look how tall the snow mound is on our back deck. Crazy. We will probably have it there until Summer, at this rate.
The previously mentioned article said that we should remove all icicles because the weight of them can damage the roof and help to bring it down. I had to photograph a couple of them. They really are works of art.

Note how much snow fell on the camper in the last 12 hours.
Look at the amount of snow that is on our roof. It's at least two feet of packed snow with a huge layer of ice underneath. Also, the berms are preventing our mail from being delivered to the house. I have never been in so much snow. It's pretty wild.
That is the view of our house from down the street. Can you see Steve on top of the camper?
This is our back deck. The view from the guest room is almost gone.
And there's Steve, blowing a path in the backyard. The excitement continues.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Wow!! That is some serious snow! I love all of the pics! I cannot believe we missed all of that, but I guess we probably wouldn't have been able to get there if it was there prior to our arrival.
Enjoy! Stay safe.

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