There's No Place Like Home...

We are back, happily in Tahoe! Woo hoo. The image below is a great summary of our three month and three day (94 days) American Road Trip.

This a cool feature of Steve's truck. It is our trip diary, so to speak. So let me translate the totals for you. Since we departed on September 9th, Steve (I am not allowed to drive) drove for 226.04 hours, using 884.7 gallons of diesel fuel while getting a whopping 11.3 average miles per gallon (which is rather good since we weighed over 14,000 lbs). The coolest stat is the amount of ground we covered- 9,557 miles! And we actually traversed 22 states.

We are happy to be home. Yet, this has been a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks for coming along with us, until the next story!

“There is no real ending.
It’s just the place where you stop the story.” 
― Frank Herbert

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