A Hike and Ike & Martin...

A day in Emerald Bay is a phenomenal day. Ending it seeing our favorite Duo made the day truly magical!

Our destination was Eagle Falls. While the quarter mile hike is not a big deal in the Summer, we were all happy we wore cleats, as the stairs were frozen and, at times, quite icy.

And the views were breathtaking.

After going up to Eagle Falls, we went down to Emerald Bay.
I had just said that I hadn't seen any cute snowmen yet this winter. This guy was pretty adorable.

Is this the best picnic spot ever?

We shared Vikingsholm with Eric, making him promise to come back in the Summer and see it in all its glory!
After a delicious dinner at home, we headed to Riva Grill to thoroughly delight in Ike & Martin (note them in the background).
Dessert was Oreo Cookie Beignets and Creme Brulee... Wow!
But the best part of the night was Ike & Martin doing what they do best... making the audience dance in their seats. It had been months since we've seen them and they did not disappoint. Oh man, it is good to be home!

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Karen Booth said...

Love the pic with you and Brady in front of the frozen falls. Although I'm a summer girl, your picnic still looked delightful. And the Oreo Cookie Beignets -- want one!

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