The Slow Road Home with Stops

Our American Road Adventure will be coming to an end shortly. In the meantime, we still had stops to make along the way to Tahoe (in a roundabout sort of way).

Our first stop was outside of Stockton at Janet and Mike's. These are friends of ours who own the cabin across the street from us in Tahoe.
Our final stop was a reunion with our sons and their gals. We spent the weekend catching up, planning the next family togetherness, gaming, dining really well and exploring B & C's neighborhood.
Flowers were found everywhere- still!

A neighbor allowed us to harvest her persimmons. The promise of delicious bread soon followed.

Our boys married wonderful cooks. Dinner was roasted vegetables, various cheeses and this scrumptious fig, olive oil and sea salt challah bread. What a satisfying weekend!

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Karen Booth said...

Flowers, fruit and bread - OH MY!!!

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