Oceanside for an Overnight...

We are totally orchestrating some wonderful opportunities to catch up with friends (thanks to all for their flexibility and willingness, apologies to those we just couldn't see this time around). Our stay in Oceanside provided us with a two-for-one.

A wonderful dinner and our 'campsite' for the night was provided by Eric and Brady.
Then this morning we left the camper parked at Brady's and met other friends for breakfast.
We love exploring Oceanside and always seem to find something new in which to delight.
While we have seen Dr. Graves' home before, the irony of seeing it today ties into our choice of breakfast spots. About the house... Steve is standing in front of the Top Gun House. This Victorian-style cottage became a popular landmark after it appeared in several scenes of the blockbuster 1986 movie (where Tom Cruise's love interest, Charlie, lived). When built in 1887, it was one of few structures in Oceanside facing the sea. In those days, most structures were built facing the then new railroad tracks. Today, the house is one of few remaining beach cottages of its kind in San Diego County. Sadly it sits on an empty block behind a chain-link fence awaiting its final destination.
It was ironic that we were seeing a relic from a very 80's movie because our next rendezvous was with friends, Odile and Tom, at the Breakfast Club Diner, a themed restaurant that captures, perfectly, my favorite decade- the 80s. What a very cool way to start our SoCal Social Day #4.

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