Temecula Sister City Gathering...

Heading back to our old hometown was made extra special due to the arrival of a contingency from Temecula's Japanese Sister City.

In addition to seeing so many friends, we had the most amazing place to camp for the night at Scott & Lynne's.
We were invited to attend the Mayu Choir performance and Friendship Dinner. The timing could not have been more perfect. This choir, from our Sister City Daisen-Nakayama, had performed here once before, and since I had missed that concert, I was very excited to be a part of this one.
It was a really wonderful performance. One song, Iwai Uta, made most of us tear up. Sung by a soloist, it was about a daughter leaving her parents to get married. It was hauntingly beautiful. What a surprise and a treat.
The most fantastic aspect of the evening was spending time with old friends, one of whom was Mizue, who we had hosted ten years ago. She is also staying at Scott and Lynne's so we had even more time to reacquaint. TANOSHI (fun).
We got to catch up with many people. Marianne and Ted are friends whose daughter traveled to Japan when I led the student group in 2004.
Denise and I have a decade's long tradition of making a "Kozo Sandwich" of Denises. Kozo is the incredible leader who has made this Sister City relationship possible. He is many things to many people but to us, he and his wife, Yuko, are our good friends who live way too far away. Tonight's gathering was an exceptional opportunity to reconnect with so many of those who were an important part of our lives while I was thoroughly involved with the Temecula Sister City Association. Timing truly is everything.

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Cyndy Brown said...

How nice for you both to be re-visiting your old stomping grounds!

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