A Day Back in Tahoe...

After a three month absence, there were certain things that just had to be done so our first day home was spent being "productive".

The front yard was covered with pine needles and cones. I cleverly used shower caps, from hotel stays, as shoe protectors against the sap. They worked pretty well.
Seven full bags of pine needles and about 100 pine cones. Wow.
I'm including this light bulb because this was the strangest thing we discovered upon our return. It turns out squirrels chewed through five hanging light bulbs that were draped across the yard and wrapped around the tree. They not only made the bulbs fall to the ground but they absconded with the cable that suspended them. So very strange.
Steve spent most of the day going through the mail. This isn't the fun stuff that I delight in opening but the business stuff that is grueling.
But the reward for all our catch up chores was a stroll along the shore of Lake Tahoe. Being out in the crisp winter air, overlooking our amazing Lake, was what made us come home.

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place,
we stay there, even though we go away.
And there are things in us that we can find again
only by going back there.” 
― Pascal Mercier

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Karen Booth said...

Totally dislike vacation mail catch-up! Squirrel story was quite funny (at least to me, I'm sure not to you). Glad you had a nice reward after your chores. I did a double take in the beach photo because the sunlight makes it look like you cut your hair really short.

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