Author John Hindmarsh at the Library...

We were delighted to return to Tahoe in time to help host local author John Hindmarsh as our last Friends of the Library Program for 2016.

John writes Science Fiction and Thrillers, sometimes with crossover. Well, he claims you need a thrill in your Science Fiction and an occasional touch of science in your Thrillers.
The presentation had a really cool vibe as John shared details about his newest books Mark Four, Fracture Lines and Diamond Cut. He also spoke about how he writes, character development and his path to being an author of eight books, two this year alone. And he originates from Australia [via Thailand plus ten or so other countries] so he has a mesmerizing voice that I could listen to for hours. The audience was attentive and asked some great questions. It was an interesting evening with an interesting author. I ♥ Our Library!

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