The Charleston Tragedy One Year Later...

On the actual one year anniversary of the shooting, I felt the need to write again, about our powerful experience we had in Charleston last month.

When one approaches Charleston, SC you become very aware of why this town is called "The Holy City". Its skyline is defined by the spires of over 400 places of worship. When one of those holy places, the Mother AME Emanuel Church, was the target of a massacre, one year ago, the entire town was rocked to its core. Nine souls were lost due to the hatred of one.

Upon an extended recent visit to Charleston, we were very aware of the immense pain still being felt yet also the healing that permeated its populace. 

We were invited to an art gallery opening, THE HOLY CITY: Art of Love, Unity & Resurrection. In the immediate aftermath, the community needed to focus its pain somewhere and the survivors, victims and their families turned to art. The exhibit is a sanctuary for the healing to begin and we were given a glimpse of those raw emotions through artwork that encouraged healing, provoked thoughtful discourse, promoted peace, and revealed community. While in the gallery, surrounded by the people touched by personal loss, we felt such love and forgiveness radiating from the space.

If “Art is a wound turned into light” as artist Georges Braque has said, then THE HOLY CITY: Art of Love, Unity & Resurrection has shed light on the tragedy while also providing hope, peace and healing of Charleston's wounds.

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