Camping at 8,600 Ft. Grandview Campground...

So this is where we camped last night for our White Mountains explore. We had no hook ups, no cell service, a full moon and a sky of stars. What more can you ask for in a campground?

This campground is dear to many visitors, especially those that enjoy stargazing. A sign posted asked campers to limit the lighting at our campsites so that the area stays a special place: a rustic, peaceful camp with a beautiful, dark night sky. Their request was honored by all and we were rewarded.
Morning came with complete peacefulness and amazing shadows.
The above photo is a flower we saw all over the Forest. It looked like it was beyond its bloom. That was until morning when it awoke and looked like the photo below. Nature is surprising.

So this is where our day began... Pretty darn amazing.

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Okay, one of the coolest campgrounds! It looks like no one else is there!
Your new camper just hit the ground running.
I am very excited for you both (you and Steve, not you and the camper).

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