Camping in Oregon...

Gravel in our travel seems to be our current theme. After just getting back from our road trip home from Charleston, we headed to Portland, Oregon (600 miles) to get our new, awesome Artic Fox Camper at Apache Camping Center. Steve did his homework and these guys were the right choice. We were treated so well.  And whoa, it's a beaut! (something about a camper makes me say things like that).

I grew up traveling across America in a camper but it was nothing quite like this. Did I say it's a beaut? This is Steve's dream RV for the next chapter of roadtripping.
Once on the road, we stopped briefly at an amazing spot called Niagra Park, the site of a long ago town. The area acquired its name in 1890 when a townsite and post office were established. We sat on the remains of a rubble masonry dam whose purpose was to power a mill intended to make paper from straw. Long story short, the project had to be abandoned in 1912 after approximately $100,000 had been invested. Now it's just this cool space for swimming and visiting in one's new camper.
And it houses gorgeous flowers.

This was the bridge we traversed to get to our campsite. I thought is was architecturally interesting.
The interior photos of the Artic Fox do not do it justice. We absolutely love it.

And this is where we are spending the first night in our new camper- River Mountain RV Park in the little town of Idanha. We don't know where we'll be tomorrow but the motto in the camping world is, "Home is where you park it."

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

You sleep in the cab-over part? Is there a little bathroom? Shower? Looks cozy!

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

That camper is so lucky, and it has no idea, nor will it. C'est la vie. :)

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