790 Mile Drive to Hays, Kansas

Through amber waves of grain, traversing five states, with multiple stops, we made it to our evening's destination- Hays, KS.

This town is way more than just the place in which we've chosen to sleep. The city was founded in 1867, as the southern branch of the Union Pacific Railroad worked its way west and was named for Alexander Hays, a Union General killed during the Civil War.

Hays was a rough and tough town in its early years, at one time sporting 37 liquor establishments. Many notable people lived here, including the Custers and the 7th Cavalry, Will Bill Hickok, and William F. Cody, who acquired his nickname of Buffalo Bill by furnishing buffalo to feed the railroad workers in Hays.

Today it is a center for education, business and culture for Western Kansas and 790 miles closer to home.

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