Snowshoe Thompson Talk at the Library...

Snowshoe Thompson is a legend in these parts and it was very interesting to have his story told by author, Frank Tortorich. Frank shared his newest book, John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson Pioneer Mail Carrier of the Sierra, a gripping account of the legendary life, legacy, and accomplishments of Snowshoe Thompson.

Snowshoe Thompson (April 30, 1827 – May 15, 1876) was a nickname for the Norwegian born Jon Torsteinson Rue. For twenty years,he delivered mail between Placerville, CA and Genoa, NV, an 80 mile trek over the highest of the Sierras, all in five days and ultimately no pay from the United States Government.
Frank told the tale to an audience that was truly impressed with the presentation. We could have listened to his stories all evening.
I have to share this library story. Frank, a 5th generation Jackson, CA resident, is, among other things, a retired educator. These two gentlemen are two of his students from his days as an elementary school teacher who came to South Lake Tahoe, all the way from Sacramento to see him.

Needless-to-say, Frank was beyond touched (and surprised) by their efforts and quite rewarded that they still cared to hear him "teach". Somehow, they heard about the presentation and had to come. Frank commented on the fact that the students were almost to retirement age which meant he started teaching when he was ten. Funny guy.

Stories are found in many places. Tonight was a great evening of stories being shared.

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