Pinnacles National Park: Flowers & Bees

We thought since summer was here in full force we would be disappointed by a lack of wildflowers. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety we found. However, what surprised us the most were the bees. There are nearly 400 bee species found at Pinnacles National Park. Pinnacles supports the highest known bee diversity per unit area of any place on earth. And these bees range in size from a sesame seed to an almond... so amazing!

And while we missed the main bloom of the wildflower season, there were still treasures to be found.

Pinnacles National Park displays such a variety of beauty. It is like no place we have ever visited. It surprised and delighted. We will return.

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Karen Booth said...

This posts favs were: the second photo with the lavender colored flower and the last photo with the fuzzy, highlighted "spines".

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

I love the flower pictures, makes me feel the need to make flower picture book. Beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

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