Petaluma for the Day...

Today's photos are of places my daughter-in-law and I went, told through the beauty of historical images.  It seemed fitting for a town with such history.

Petaluma was founded in 1852 and chartered in 1858, becoming a thriving shipping and manufacturing center.  Much of the downtown still looks as it did then.  We delighted in exploring the old store fronts that are now incredible thrift shops and secondhand stores.
While heading to town, we drove behind a modern Petaluma Creamery truck, promising a tour.  Founded in 1913, the "Creamery" has been an integral part of the farming tradition in the Sonoma County.  Since tours were not offered on weekends, we sample some cheeses and purchased Cheese Curds... a favorite of mine since a trip to Wisconsin.
The 1914 depot is still there and is the Visitors' Center.  Really neat.
We picnicked in this park, after stumbling upon it.  Nestled on a steep knoll, Penry Park gave us a spectacular view of the city.  Petaluma’s earliest parks were disorganized and mostly untended plots of land. This site was simply noted as “Plaza” on early maps, but carried some significance; a funeral procession in honor of Abraham Lincoln took place here in 1895.  Besides the horse carriages, the park still looks like this today.  What a perfect location to see where we've been and where we plan to go next!

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Anonymous said...

The Coast Guard has a cooking school located in Petaluma and that is where the CG sent Todd to train.

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