EPCOT's motto is "Travel Around the Globe, Under the Sea, into Outer Space… and Beyond!" and for twelve hours and almost 7 miles, we explored extensively.

The park's name, EPCOT, is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney and realized many years after his death. Bob says it means "Every Person Comes Out Tired" (so dang true).
We began in Future World at Spaceship Earth, the iconic geodesic sphere that also serves as an attraction.
Visiting with Characters is a must for me and I had kindred spirits in our group!

We ended our day in the World Showcases where the images there were very true to the actual countries... so wild.

Dinner was in England for Fish & Chips at the Rose & Crown Pub.

We headed to Royal Sommerhus for a frosty face-to-face with Anna and Elsa Frozen royalty.
I love Belle from Beauty & The Beast.

Disney does night better than anyone!

The concluding fireworks were magical, as was the entire day.

To all who come to this place of joy, hope and friendship, welcome.
Epcot Center is inspired by Walt Disney's creative genius. Here, human achievements are celebrated through imagination, the wonders of enterprise, and concepts of a future that promises new and exciting benefits for all.

May Epcot Center entertain, inform and inspire. And, above all, may it instill a new sense of belief and pride in man's ability to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere.
     —E. Cardon Walker, October 24, 1982

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

lloks like a perfect day at Epcot! I love it there!

Karen Booth said...

All so wonderfully familiar! It looks like you and Belle were having an in depth conversation. When we were there last Belle had just participated in a wedding proposal. Oh, the magic...

Lynne said...

I LOVE chocolate wine. Special treat. Loving your trip.

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