BBQ at Fort Wilderness... Disney World!

How incredibly cool is it that we had dinner, in our campsite, with Tahoe and Florida friends? ÜBER cool!

We are on the Disney property for four nights. It will be amazing. Camp amid the magic of the great outdoors. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground evokes the timeless beauty of the American frontier, with deer, rabbits, ducks and armadillos roaming the Resort’s 750 acres of pine and cypress forest. Discover charming woodland trails, spectacular pool areas and rip-roarin’ entertainment at this picturesque backcountry retreat.
When we checked in we were given several neat things. The first were our MagicBands- cool, personalized wristbands that are all-in-one Disney devices which effortlessly connect us to all our vacation particulars (Park Tickets, Resort keys, Credit Cards, etc). In addition, we were given a map that will hopefully guide us through the confusion that is the transportation here AND, just because mosquitoes and Florida are synonymous, we received our own full can of bug spray for free! 

What made our first night extra special were our dinner guests. I wrote about Erline (next to Steve) when she came to Tahoe to speak about being the first woman to swim the length of Lake Tahoe in 1962. We became friends and tonight was an amazing reunion in her old stomping grounds (she is a retired cast member for Disney) with her friend, Chesta and her husband, Bob. Jan and Chris, our Tahoe friends who booked a Disney World Adventure when they heard we were coming, were there for our dining extravaganza. What fun it was to share this night in this awesome place, with such great friends. Oh, it's going to be a phenomenal few days.

All right. I'm corny. But I think there's just about
a-hundred-and-forty-million people in this country
that are just as corny as I am.
-Walt Disney

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Karen Booth said...

So exciting! You'll love the magic bands. I expected yours to be yellow. I didn't think they even came in gray. I had green and David had red. I noticed no mention of watching out for alligators - hmmm. Was the button for your first visit to Fort Wilderness, because I know you've been to Disney World.

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

They say that campground is amazing! Looks lovely.

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