Disney Day Park 2: Hollywood Studios

The Studios is dedicated to the facets of show business; including film, television, music, and theatre, drawing inspiration from the heyday of Hollywood the 1930s and 1940s.

Chris and I went on Tower of Terror together. This was one of my favorite rides at California Adventure, which just closed there recently. While a bit different, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
No trip to a movie studio themed park would be complete without a stunt show. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! is a live show based on the film franchise. While a tad cheesy, it was fun to watch and learn about various stunts and see live reenacted scenes from the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.
An original to the Park's opening, I really enjoyed The Great Movie Ride, a guided attraction that employs the use of Audio-Animatronic figures, live actors, special effects, and projections to recreate iconic scenes from twelve classic films throughout motion picture history. It is located inside a recreation of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, complete with hand prints and everything. Oh man, I was in my element being a cinephile.
Oh and did I tell you I love characters?

This Stormtrooper was hysterical. He would NOT stop for a photo. I was walking backwards, quickly, to get a photo of Steve with him.

We headed to Pixar Place, an area dedicated to films and characters created by Pixar Animation Studios. Interestingly, this space resembles the animation studio's Emeryville, California campus. So cool. I ♥ Pixar!

We all rode the Toy Story ride and Jan beat me, barely!

With just a few minutes before closing, we popped into Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. Specially created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Walt’s birth, this very cool space helped us to discover the man behind the mouse, his many achievements and his ongoing legacy. This photo is of Walt in front of the plans for Disney Florida. There was a video playing of him discussing his plans. Also here, normally, is a movie about Walt's incredible life, but today it was replaced with a movie preview for the new film Dr. Strange (which we will definitely have to see).
We ended our day, meandering the wonderfully illuminated Park, and watching Fantasmic. It was an exceptional Disney Day.
The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood—not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a Hollywood that never was—and always will be.

     —Michael Eisner, May 1, 1989

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Karen Booth said...

The clouds in the first picture look like an artistic recreation. The Tower of Terror at DCA is not closed! Don't be putting out misinformation :) It is currently open and being re-themed to The Guardian of the Galaxy. It will closed temporarily in January for the final overlay. Sorcerer Mickey and Tinker Bell are my TOP two Disney Fav characters, as I'm sure you know. I'm sure the Stormtrooper was just changing his shift. Fun Green Army Men. Love the Midway Mania ride! Did you see Karen's Mouseketeer costume at "One Man's Dream" and where did you eat at the Hollywood Studios park?

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

Your storm trooper pic looks great! You would never know what a jerk those guys are. Did I tell you one told me to shut up once! The nerve!
10 minutes for a Fast Pass at Tower, not bad!
Is it less crowded in Florida? Marla let her passes go because it is NEVER not crowded in Ca these days...

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