Cruising: Our First Days at Sea...

Saturday afternoon, we boarded the Carnival Magic, along with 4,000 other excited cruisers.

Our first priority was a drink with an umbrella in it! After that, it was smooth sailing, so to speak.

What says cruising more than a dance party with beach balls and Thing 1 and Thing 2???
Or Mr & Mrs Potato Head for that matter?
Our friends, Nick & Deb, were suppose to be on this cruise with us but had to cancel at the last minute. As a super sweet gesture, they had our room decorated which included an awesome Bon Voyage towel, amongst other goodies. Too cool.
Each night, our cabin steward adorned our bed with a cute animal. Talents abound everywhere.
The greatest show was not found aboard the ship, it was the spectacular sunsets. I will never tire of them.

Throughout the ship were 'photo opportunities' everywhere. Cheesy fun for everyone.
A highlight was the Dive-In Movies. Each night, two different films are shown on the Lido Deck. We grabbed popcorn and a fluffy blanket and headed to a lounge chair. BEYOND awesome, for the cinephile that I am. Tonight's movie was Central Intelligence. Fun stuff.

The entertainment goes until the wee hours, so after the movie, we headed to the Comedy Club for some high sea chuckles.
This was a common sight on Sea Days...They had us spending more time basking in the sun.
This was 'fancy' night. We chose to splurge and dine at the Cucina del Capitano for a delisioso meal of good wine and exceptional pasta.

We concluded Day #3 at the wonderful production of 88 Keys: The Rock n’ Roll Piano Show – Goodness, gracious great balls of fire! Highlighted by sing-along hits from Billy Joel, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and others, 88 Keys: The Rock n’ Roll Piano Show spotlights these talented artists who have taken the term “tickling the ivories” to a whole new level.

It did not take long for us to get into our cruise groove and what a groove it is!

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Looks perfectly wonderful so sad we could not be there!

Jennifer Sweatt said...

Eye candy everywhere, including that furry faced stranger accompanying you! Love the fuzz. Bob is doing the same. Miss you guys.

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