Cruise Day #6: A Sea Day...

A day at sea isn't just buffet lines and bingo for us. We enjoy long walks, a visit to the gym, and extreme people watching. It is a very diverse day and even though there is no land in sight, the view does change, mainly due to the weather.

Drinks by the pool while listening to a steel drum is an okay way to pass the day, too.

The Captain of the Magic is Italian so there are quite a few Italianesque elements on board. One of our favorite places to get a bite to eat was the Pizzeria. Each pizza was made-to-order and delicious. I won't tell you how many we enjoyed!
Of all the art adorning the walls, this painting made me the happiest. We only walked stairways, staying out of the elevators because of the exercise the stairs provided and the germs lurking in the elevators.

Remember me mentioning the cheesy photo opportunities?
This, on the other hand, was a pretty cool photo opportunity. Tonight's entertainment production was a premiere showing, so there was a "Red Carpet" event beforehand. 
I was chosen, along with several others, to be interviewed like a movie star, by Everson, the Cruise Director. So dang fun.
Flick: The Power of Motion Pictures was a celebration of film making, showcasing songs from popular movies such as “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose” performed by the same talented troupe that brought us 88 Keys, earlier in the cruise. It was pretty fun to get dressed up and attend the theater. I think that's one of my favorite components of cruising.

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