Tahoe News: Jenny's Bear Story

There exists a long list of things we miss about not being in Tahoe. Thankfully we have friends who like to share, and this is a pretty cute story from Jenny.

"We headed out the door to go to Taylor Creek and see if the Kokanee and bears are there. But, before we got in the car, a bear goes walking by in front of our house!  So we follow it to a neighbors, where it climbs a maple tree and chows down on leaves for a while."
"Bob realizes that the apple tree across the street is loaded, and worries that the bear might start eating them too...so, Bob starts picking apples while the bear is still in the maple tree."
"What happened next was so funny...the bear comes down to Bob's apple picking tree, rubs his butt against it (marking his territory?)."
"and shows Bob how to realllly pick apples.  He reaches up, and shakes a bunch down, then looks up as if telling Bob, "See?  that's how it's done!"  ha ha".
Bob & Jenny are like wild animal 'whisperers'. It's fun to be a part of their own private National Geographic.

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Karen Booth said...

Bob and Jenny have the BEST bear stories and photos to back them up! Tell them to keep them coming.

Mike Guerra said...

Great story, thanks for sharing. I hope the bear ate all the apples...

Bob Sweatt said...

Funny thing Mike, the bear took a chunk out of one and left, as to say it is not sweet enough. It will be back. Ha ha

Cyndy Brown said...

Oh Man...wish I could have seen it! Cyndy

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