Loving Lititz, PA...

While we're only here one night, Judy did an exceptional job as tour guide and hostess.

Nestled in the Amish Country, Lititz is a borough in Lancaster County. It truly is a picture-perfect representative of small town America. The town is known for picturesque, tree-lined streets, unique shops, cafés, architecture, and a friendly atmosphere. The architecture is a combination of English, German, and Victorian styles.
The town of Lititz was established in 1749 when the Moravian Church, established a church settlement here. The Moravians were originally from what is now Czech Republic. Like many other Protestant groups, they came to Pennsylvania seeking freedom of worship. The history is rich and diverse in such a tiny town.
In 1863, the Reading and Columbia Railroad built a station at Lititz Springs Park.
I delighted in discovering unique architectural elements and there were many.

A cool tie to this town John Sutter. As we all know, gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California in 1848, and the gold rush began. Later, in 1871, John Sutter settled in Lititz. He lived his last nine years here and was buried in the Moravian cemetery. Note the stone framing around his grave. Ever the demanding sort, his will stated he was to be buried behind 6' high walls. The people of Lititz thought that would be very unattractive, but to honor his wishes, they built the walls and then buried them. History can be funny, too.
Even Judy had never seen these spectacular flowers before.

Judy and Steve are strolling by the Linden Hall School for Girls (1746), is the oldest girl’s boarding school in America.
In 1784, a small bakery was started along Main Street in Lititz that became the first pretzel bakery in America. In 1861, that bakery became known as the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery. No trip to Lititz would be complete without a hot, soft pretzel from here.

Dinner was at the very fun, The Bulls Head Pub, modeled after a traditional British pub. It was the perfect place to dine and get caught up.

'Home' was Judy's picturesque front yard. We spent the evening playing our dice game and just delighting in being with an old friend.
When the "Me!" is our friend, Judy, a postcard couldn't be truer! What fun.

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Karen Booth said...

Oh, I remember Amish areas from living in Ohio. Always a step back in time. Thanks for the flower fix :)

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