Harpers Ferry National Historic Park...

Our day took us to West Virginia.

The history of this place has few parallels in the American Drama (and more than I can possibly explain here). It is more than one event, one date, or one individual. It is multi-layered - involving a diverse number of people and events that influenced the course of our nation's history. Harpers Ferry witnessed the first successful application of interchangeable manufacture, the arrival of the first successful American railroad, John Brown's attack on slavery, the largest surrender of Federal troops during the Civil War, and the education of former slaves in one of the earliest integrated schools in the United States.
We only had time to explore Lower Town. It is the most visited area of the park. Historic buildings along Shenandoah, High, and Potomac streets house park museums, exhibits, the park information center, and a bookshop.

A visit to this quaint, historic community, at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, is like stepping into the past. We knew little of the history here. What a great place to spend a day getting informed and we barely scratched the surface. This is a "must return for more" kind of place.

This is one of the most historically important structures here, now called John Brown’s Fort. It was erected in 1848 as the Armory’s fire engine and guard house. It was in this building that John Brown and several of his followers barricaded themselves during the final hours of their ill-fated raid of October, 1859.

The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world and it runs right through this town. Here I am, on the trail... probably the ONLY time I'll ever be. Fun stuff.
We spent the evening at home, planning for our next adventure.

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Karen Booth said...

How hot were the couple in their period costumes? They did look great. Speaking of fashion, I like your striped skirt and plaid dress!

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