Guten Tag from Hickory & Beyond...

We came to town specifically for the Oktoberfest, a three-day, outdoor festival featuring three stages of non-stop live entertainment ranging from traditional polka to rock & roll, two beer gardens, amusement rides and carnival games, a juried arts and crafts show, and hundreds of food and commercial vendors.

We saw very few people dressed for the event. Needless-to-say, we loved the fact that we brought our costumes all the way from California and wore them proudly.

This was the best use of a horse trailer, if you didn't have a horse, we have ever seen.

Having been in Hickory for three days, it was time for us to move on, but not before a visit to Bunker Hill Covered Bridge (1895). It is the only remaining example, in wood, of the Improved Lattice Truss patented by General Herman Haupt and one of only two covered bridges left in the state (out of hundreds).
Originally constructed as an open span, the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, whose roof is ninety-one feet long, was covered in 1900. In 1921, its wooden shingles were replaced with a tin roof. (Bridges were covered to protect their timbers from the elements; travelers enjoyed a reprieve from rain and snow only as a consequence).
Sadly, this 121 year old, one-of-a-kind bridge, of great engineering significance, is completely covered with graffiti inside.
Haupt, in his own right, was a pretty interesting guy. He was an American civil and railroad construction engineer and executive. A Union Army General, he played a key role in the American Civil War, during which he revolutionized U.S. military transportation, particularly the use of railroads. As history buffs, it was pretty incredible to walk over the last such bridge of his design.
As you probably have discovered, I love to stop for State Signs (when safe and sometimes when not so safe).
We popped into the Visitor's Center to arm ourselves with Virginia information. The gals working the desk asked to take our photo for their facebook page. Since I don't do facebook, someone will have to let me know if this image is on it. I guess we were rather unique. Fun stuff.
Tonight were are staying in Claytor Lake State Park Campground. I love the motto, "Virginia State Parks are a tonic for the Mind, Body and Spirit." 

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Karen Booth said...

Seriously, how many nights were you awake making the list of what you were going to pack for the trip!!! It's like you have a magic costume trunk, but I've seen the size of the Arctic Fox. You two looked awesome -- as always. The covered bridge was a very cool "find". Beautiful blue sky after the hurricane.

Mike Guerra said...

I need that horse trailer...

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Ok this really takes the cake, I love the outfits! You tow a re too cute for words! Really!!! Safe travels! XO

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