Charlotte Motor Speedway zMax Dragway

As we travel, my job is to scope out where the fun is going to be and navigate Steve there. I did pretty well on this choice- NASCAR Night & Hauler Parade.

Part of what made the night extra special was the fact that we got to camp right across the street. How awesome was that?!

This was a fundraiser and the entrance fee was a donation to Speedway Children's Charities. It was also the kick off for Bank of America 500 weekend. Since the drivers' transport trucks (Haulers) have to be here today, they have organized their arrival as a parade. Because we are not familiar with NASCAR, this was a great introduction for us.

IHRA legend Roy Hill was giving dragster rides for a $150 donation. While we didn't partake, it was pretty awesome to watch.
Yes, even Charlotte Motor Speedway has a mascot. It's Lug Nut.
This drag strip is worth visiting due to its uniqueness. Built in 2008, zMAX Dragway is the world's only four-lane, all concrete drag strip. Located on the grounds of Charlotte Motor Speedway, it is known as the Bellagio of drag strips.
As the announcer introduced each of the Haulers, we "met" the NASCAR drivers associated with them.
Truck #18 belongs to Kyle Busch, 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion. Got to love the M & M's.
This was the only time we would have the chance to see Tony Stewart's truck, as he is retiring at the end of this race season.
Jimmie Johnson grew up as a neighbor to a friend of ours in the SoCal town of El Cajon so I felt that I kind of knew him all these years.

So after the Haulers paraded away, it came time for the real show-"Street Racing". Dozens of racers came, in all kinds of vehicles (Jeeps, Teslas, vintage trucks, street bikes). The one that made me smile was this Mini Cooper.
It did surprisingly well. We were impressed.

This 17 second VIDEO of the start of first race was truly awesome. It was probably the most exciting part of the evening. Don't get me wrong, I loved this night. There were so many interesting parts to it. I was really impressed by the mature guy who went 176 MPH on a modified street bike. Sitting outside at a really cool place- Oh man, what a night!

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Karen Booth said...

The 17 second video was a fun rush. I was noticing that you had headed inland due to Matthew approaching and the sky was completely overcast. Good decision.

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