From Peaches to Beaches...

We are heading South, having cruised through a couple of states without pause. Today however, we detoured briefly to the little town of St. Mary's, Georgia (1787).

This historic area was first explored in the mid 16th century as part of the settlement of Spanish Florida, with nearby St. Augustine as the established capital. There were lovely homes and old established businesses but we just strolled the streets delighting in their Halloween decorating.

Whenever possible, we find ourselves by water. This was a pretty scenic spot at which to land.
The Peacemaker was stunning, sitting on the horizon. We had to get a closer peek. Steve was a little disappointed that it was built in 1989. Interestingly, it was started then left abandoned for eight years until Twelve Tribes bought it and finished it, beautifully. We know of this religious community due to the fact that they built and own one of our favorite Vista, CA restaurants- The Yellow Deli. Small world!

Some things just crack Steve up!
Okay, best State Visitor's Center yet! Not only did we get tons of travel reading material, but we got free Orange Juice and ample photo opportunities. This is going to be fun!

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Cyndy Brown said...

Gizzards...I LOVE fried gizzards...did you try them?

Karen Booth said...

Great Halloween decorations and Florida cut outs. What was the Peacemaker? Restaurant, living quarters??? What a fun connection to The Yellow Deli!

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