The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Live theater has always been my thing. Pair it with a snowy day and a group of fun friends and you have an unforgettable afternoon.

 LTCC's play was one that sounded predictable, yet was anything but. The cast of characters were characters indeed (I enjoyed them all with a special appreciation for the German maid). The setting- a dark and snowy night in the library of a mansion in the country. The plot- a masked slasher appears often with victims being dragged behind swiveling bookcases, while the remaining cast points accusing fingers in all directions. Really fun stuff.

What makes small town theater so special is that the audience and the cast are all people we know. It's a gathering of friends who entertain and delight.

"From the start it has been the theatre's business to entertain people-
it needs no other passport than fun."
-Bertolt Brecht

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