Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry - Nuttin' But a Good Time!

Virginia City, Nevada goes nuts for St. Patrick's Day and we wanted to be three of the more than 3,000 people who sack up in this historic town to eat testicles (yes, it is also called the Testicle Festival).

The cowboy presence was an added bonus.
We loved the Irish characters wandering the streets.

This is the town where Samuel Clemens became "Mark Twain". It was so cool that he embraced the theme of the day!

More than 20 cooks competed in one of Northern Nevada's most popular tasting contests. These cooks served up tasty testes all day long, competing for fame and glory as one of the best Rocky Mountain Oyster cooks in the West.

Of the three of us, I was the only one willing to do the test. I bought three tastings. The wonton testes were my favorite.
I delighted in the Chili, too.

We came away with awesome Cowboy hats as our souvenirs. Yeehaw!
After sampling, shopping and delighting in the Irish component, we watched a very festive parade.

We followed the rainbow and found our pots of gold by just being a part of this day. We had a ball!

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