Ritual Chocolate: A Tour...

After a delicious last dinner in our condo, we strolled to the very unassuming but very wonderful Ritual Chocolate Factory for a private tour.

Ritual Chocolate handcrafts small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using the early traditions of chocolate making to bring together old European methods with a modern American style. Founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies, their mission is to produce exceptional quality chocolate while celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean.
During the day, the cafe serves a variety of chocolate themed treats.
With ample samples of all their products.
But twice a week, after closing time, they offer tours. For over an hour we were giving a tour and tasting by Kat, that included an overview of the company, an in-depth tutorial on how they make chocolate and their unique machinery. We then sat and had a tasting of each of their chocolate bars. Yum!
We were taught about the cacao beans and their parts. We delighted in eating the nibs and learning the fine art of "Chocolate tasting": start by biting into a quarter of a chocolate square, let it melt on the tongue to taste the initial flavors, aromas and consistency. Gently rub the tongue against the palate. This causes the temperature of the chocolate to slowly increase, resulting in the final release of its flavors and aromas.
We all walked home hyped up about our night (was it all that chocolate?). Ritual is a great small company whose dedication to making exceptional chocolate was really evident. What a fantastic event with which to conclude our Park City adventure.

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