Steve's New Truck- A Photo Shoot

Steve took possession of his much anticipated new Ford Truck. On the way home from the dealership, we stopped at Cave Rock for a photo shoot.

And it makes me wanna take a back road
Makes me wanna take the long way home
Put a little gravel in my travel
Unwind, unravel all night long
Makes me wanna grab my honey
Tear down some two-lane country
Who knows
Get lost and get right with my soul
Makes me wanna take
Makes me wanna take a back road.
-Rodney Atkins

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Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Love it are you traveling here with that?
Very handsome, the truck and the man!

Kourtney Heard said...

The truck looks amazing as it sits in front of the water. Enjoy the space as I have plenty of room in mine for the family and to haul the items that we need for work or when we go on vacation. For a truck of that size, it gets surprisingly good gas mileage as well.

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