Welcome Back Winter...

The weather reports were so right. We awoke to about a foot of pristine, much wanted snow this morning.

This is the street that leads up to our house, pre-plowing.
I sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to go out and be in it and within minutes we had an eager group ready to snowshoe.
We headed to historic Camp Richardson to hike along the lake shore.
Every now and then a burst of wind would shake the snow from the trees.
Otherwise, our view was breathtakingly beautiful.
The snow was deep and the shore was dotted with ice cubes. It was so very cool.
Embracing the day, Bob made a snow angel and then went for a run.
What a crack up!
For the most part, it was just us six, trudging through the snow, enjoying the spectacular day. Today, I would have to agree with Henry David Thoreau who said, “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” Free fun in the sun!

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