Recent Discoveries on the Frontiers of Science: Higgs Boson & Gravitational Waves

Yes, that is the title of the lecture we attended at LTCC. I learned of this event and knew Steve would not only enjoy it but understand it, too.

The room was overflowing with physics lovers (and for Steve, his much confused wife) who were there to hear Dr. James Brau, the Knight professor of Natural Science at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he also directs the Center for High Energy Physics. He has spent the last several decades specializing in experimental high-energy physics.
The lecture was described as "Brau will explain in easy-to-understand terms about new discoveries in elementary particles, such as the Higgs boson, and what its discovery might mean for science in the years to come. He’ll also discuss what gravitational waves are, and explore brand-new evidence that just may prove their existence."
Steve thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Dr. Brau was a great speaker and his power point was helpful. He spoke of new discoveries while explaining the background history of the work done beforehand (by Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein). There were some concepts that I didn't fully understand but I still found it all rather fascinating.  This phenomenon is helping to explain the mysteries of the universe. How can one not enjoy that?!

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