DIY Reupholstering...

Yesterday was a dedicated stay-at-home day for the only way to get anything done is to not leave.

Our cabin came furnished and I promptly redid the dining room chairs. As you can see, they did not hold up well, after four years, and are terribly stained. When I spoke to the fabric clerk, I told her I needed fabric that would hide olive oil better. She then, after a great pause, asked "Why are you putting olive oil on your chairs?"
Steve agrees that this new hardier fabric better fits the room and looks great. Check out the matching drapery tie-back. It's about time! I bought this fabric a year ago, January.
Karen turned me on to Mill End Fabrics in Carson City. This store had a great selection and awesome prices (6 yards for $18). I absolutely love my newly covered chairs.
Then, just because I was feeling so accomplished, I made my first frittata. Okay, so our Valentine's Day wasn't hopelessly romantic, but it was productive and that made us happy.

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

The store is called Mill END Fabrics and it's in Carson City and Reno too. Definitely a place to go if you need fabric of any kind.

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