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Last night, we attended the Opening Reception and Photography Exhibit for this year's Eagles & Agriculture celebration.

This once a year event offers a chance to observe the raptors who visit Carson Valley during the calving season each winter, including Bald Eagles.  It consists of a series of tours in which one gets exclusive access to ranches for viewing, meets directly with the ranchers, and shares experiences with other birders and wildlife lovers.
Since we couldn't attend any of the tours, we thought this event would be a great introduction. We were able to get an up-close look at several species visible in the Valley via a stuffed bird display. This collection, from the Lahontan Audubon Society, was spectacular.
Even more spectacular was Lew Souder's Siberian Goshawk (which I got to pet). This was a unique night for us. The enthusiasm of the attendees was contagious and the photographs on display hinted at what wonderful creatures are to be discovered.

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