Eagle Rock & A Star Wars Talk

Our final destination today was Sierra Nevada College in Incline, NV but on the way we detoured for a hike.

Eagle Rock was a much different terrain from the last time we hiked to the top of this amazing volcanic plug (a volcanic land form created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano).

There is a wonderful Washoe legend told about this beautiful place that is worth reading. And the views were breathtaking.
Our goal for the drive around the Lake was to hear Dr. Carl Rubino's presentation "From Mythology to Star Wars". Dr. Rubino’s teaching and research interests include ancient Greek and Roman literature, comparative literature and literary theory. Tonight he shared snippets of his article, Long Ago, But Not So Far Away: Another Look at Star Wars and the Ancient World, and discussed the films’ roots in mythology. 

It was a very intriguing discussion, yet it made Steve and I painfully aware that we are not too up on the Classics. However, the ancient themes of fate and destiny and some angst-filled parent relationships were very understood. This was an interesting way to end our day.

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